0. Looks like I have found the right shape for this blog.

1. Jazz! It may be weird to people who are familiar with my work, but I do realize more and more that jazz is undeniably the central referential point for what I do. But at the same time I mostly feel pretty alienated from the jazz scene in terms of the way it functions, what it makes people do and the music it usually leads to. With hindsight I also know that exploring that position always has been a central theme for me, most often without me clearly realizing. I guess that being European adds quite a lot to that. I just spent the whole month of September in New York, for a lot of different music and non-music related activities, and again it was only after a week or so that I suddenly knew it again: I had had a lot of good reasons to go there, but basically I had wanted to spend that time there as part of my quest to try and understand who I am and where I stand in regard of this best friend called ‘jazz’; my quest too of trying to make it all evolve trough gained lucidity. I figure that shedding some light on all this is worth some words, and I’ll concentrate on that part here for a while.


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